Broken Line Design LLC

Our firm's values lie in the pursuit of creative design that meets the functional and aesthetic needs and desires of the client and/or audience, while drawing on inspiration and techniques from a wide array of media.

We offer innovative design solutions and a variety of project-specific production methods.

Our primary strength lies in our ability to address the challenges presented by all facets of a given project. Artistic translation, project research, production technique, and delivery method are all areas of focus for each design.


Our core expertise lies in the specific fields of architecture, industrial design, and classic fine art media. Our creative endeavors are supported by a cost/quality-driven focus with the ability to prioritize efforts for each project in accordance with the client's desires and means.


Our vision as a design firm is to continuously build a reputation for the ability to materialize a standard of quality that does not yield to design challenges.

Our firm will look to collaborate and build working relationships with other organizations, businesses, and individuals that share common goals and visions for any given project.

164 Scholes St Suite 1B
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Drew Lambert